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Join Garth and Helen on our journey around Australia with our two gorgeous Boys, Sam and Charlie, our Delightful Lab Bella. We meet some amazing, wonderful and zany people on our journey and some are kind enough to join us in a vino or meal and share their story! We hope you enjoy our journey with us.
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Jul 2, 2017

Today’s conversation is with Simon & Karina Harvie, a couple we met at Big Valley Campsite in Margaret River. 

We recorded this some months later when we passed through Adelaide and camped on Simon & Karina's front lawn (all 5 acres of it!) on our way back to Melbourne to get the Ferry to Tasmania. 

Simon's a Paramedic and Karina is a Midwife and both were intensely interesting and lovely people to hang out with.  We had a great time with them at Margaret River and bonded over a fair amount of McLaren Vale Shiraz - special mention needs to go to Beresford as we bought out their entire cellar of their 2012 Shiraz - delicious! 

In this podcast the four of us discuss Camping with Kids, Hunting (Simon's views are heart-felt and true to him - we think he  thinks he's best described as an Ethical Meat Eater), however has a wicked sense of humour and once welcomed Garth to sing Koom-by-ahhhh to the factory farmed chickens down at the local shed to give them a moment of holistic growing up :), Brewing and other hobbies.  We touch on Factory Farming and get into a deep discussion about Karina’s career as a Midwife (1:40:30), her vision for better practice at such an important time in life, and study while working and parenting…

Thanks to Simon & Karina for their lovely hospitality and for joining us on our PodCast.  We hope you enjoy :)

Jun 1, 2017

We had the absolute pleasure of spending 3.5 months in Tasmania and had a blast.  This little part of Australia packs a huge punch.  We were blown away with the downright beauty of this gorgeous place.  

This little PodCast gives you a snapshot of our travels.  So many highlights, so much beauty, so much amazing produce and such relaxing family times had.

We hope you enjoy the PodCast and it inspires you to scoot down to Tassie and enjoy what this beautiful place has to offer!

May 2, 2017

We had the pleasure to indulge our love of the Ocean & Wine in Margaret River and had the pleasure of staying at Big Valley Campsite in WA.

This is a must for everyone.  Laid back, lovely, serene and easy.

We thought we had to do a PodCoast with Farmer Pete & Farmer Meg.  This was so much fun.  The Farm has been in Meg's family for generations and Pete has escaped the hectic life of London and found his feet, and his love, in Meg & Margaret River.

This Podcast is epic, it's delightful and we chat about a range of topics we never thought possible. 

At the 1 hour mark the talk of animal slaughter comes up so just be aware of this.  Also, we get into spirituality as well.  

One of the things we have loved about being on the road is that we have had the distinct pleasure of meeting such sincere, beautiful and amazing people, Pete & Meg are no exception, they tell it warts and all, with true authenticity and we were delighted they agreed to join us on the Wandering Room.

Here's Pete & Meg of Big Valley Campsite.

Nov 7, 2016

We were delighted to become neighbours with the delightful Martin Family, who we took up residence next to in Darwin.

Jamie and Amy were delightful co-parents to our two children as Sam & Charlie joined in the day to day rides, swims, altogether Darwin-esk activities with their gorgeous 4 kids.  We survived humidity, sweat, crocodile chats and altogether had a great time with these wonderful people who whisked Helen away (well Amy did) on her first girls' night in 3 months and enjoyed dinner, wine and Bridget Jones' #3 instalment!!! 

When we discovered this lovely family was from the gorgeous town of Sawtell, on the northern NSW coast, had 4 kids in tow in a caravan and had been travelling Australia for 10 months, were amazingly sane and nice, we needed to get their conversation recorded.

What ensued was nothing but delightful, raw, honest, inspiring from an amazing couple who have chosen to, despite some incredibly rough knocks that life can throw your way, to abandon the norm and pursue their passions.  We are inspired by them!

Martins around Oz is their facebook profile.  Check out this gorgeous family - amazing inside and out!!!

Oct 20, 2016



Christian Zimmerman & Mrs Molly

This is a PodCast where we don't know where to start ..... it is full of such fun and wild tales, enjoyed over a lovely bottle of Bellwether Vino, it was such a great conversation with a most intriguing and engaging traveller.

Whilst hanging out in Port Augusta (mostly considered a stop-over destination only , people) we came across a Swiss Man who was making Milo like a scientist! So measured, thorough and clearly had a process of how he enjoyed his Milo made.  Who could blame him, Milo rocks right?!

But as we got talking to him, we found he had a tale or two to tell about his travels around Australia, this time.

Christian Zimmerman is a Swiss Photographer who has been to Australia several times, seen this great country in all modes of transport, except for walking, pushing a shopping trolley who is now named Miss Molly, from Darwin to Adelaide.  

The stories are magnificent, from high profile South Australian Aristocrats silently murdering their friends and writing books about it to people who stop to give him breakfast every morning on their way to drop their kids to school as he troops down the Stuart Highway.  

Loads of fun and full of adventure, Christian is awesome.

Check out his work on Facebook at Global AV-Produktionen / Andreas & Christian Zimmerman